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Tips to Save $ On Outdoor Gear

Listen, Outdoor gear can be expensive… we get it! 😅

Here are 5 tips to help you save money and make your dollars stretch longer.

1. QUALITY over quantity, always.
We’re firm believers in this. That’s why we’ve hand picked every item in our store specific to Northern life. Rest assured knowing that choosing high quality gear, although sometimes expensive, will last longer and always save you money down the road. 💴

2. Opt for inside info.
We’re always up to something in store, so make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can be the first to know when a sale or promotion is happening. You can do this by visiting our website here and scrolling to the bottom of our page and typing your email address in.
(Don’t worry, spam is not our jam!)

3. Don’t be afraid to consider last years models.
Outdoor gear manufacturers often release new models each season. This is when you can typically find discounts on previous year’s models, which is still of high quality and perfectly suitable for your needs. Cha-Ching!

4. Become a price match connoisseur.
Psst. We love and appreciate when you shop local, so we’re more than happy to thank you by price matching any Canadian online retailer. If you find the same item listed for less online, you better believe we’ll match it! So next time you’re cruising online and a killer deal pops up, send us a quick message or pop into our store to see if we have the same size/ colour in stock.

5. Take advantage of triangle rewards!
One of our main reasons for franchising Coast with Sports Experts was to bring the big city prices to the north. Now as a bonus, all our customers have access to the triangle rewards program, where you can collect money on every dollar spent AND even redeem your money in store! It’s free.99 to sign up so don’t wait, come see us in store and sign up today!

We'll see you soon, smart (local) shoppers! 🙂

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