Merino Wool is Great for Summer!

Merino is an ideal fibre for summer apparel in hot, dry, and humid conditions.  This is because it has evolved in nature to keep sheep alive and comfortable in all the extremes of heat, cold and wet that nature can throw at it.  Merino has the amazing ability to manage when you are working of playing in summer conditions.

The Benefits

Finding the perfect garment for summer can be challenging.  You want to look and feel great, but also protect yourself from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

Merino has evolved to protect you from ultraviolet radiation, manage heat and moisture, and resist the build-up of unpleasant odours.  It does this naturally with no added chemicals or treatments.

Summer goes way back

The comfort benefits of wearing wool in the heat has long been demonstrated by the nomadic Bedouins for centuries: both wearing wool garments and living in felted shelters (called yurts or gurs).

Why Merino Wool in the Summer?

  1. Thermo regulation

Merino is a technically active fibre, which has the ability to gain and release heat depending on the wearer’s next-to-skin environment and the external conditions. As merino absorbs moisture it releases a small, but perceptible, amount of heat, and in hot conditions the reverse effect occurs.  What this means for you is that you stay warmer in the cold conditions and cooler in hot conditions.  It feels like wearing your own personal air conditioning system.

  1. Odour Management

No one likes stinky clothing after you have been working and playing hard.  Merino has the unique and natural ability (no added chemicals) to manage offensive odour, keeping you feeling fresher longer.

  1. Moisture Management

Merino can actively absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water before feeling wet - keeping you drier and more comfortable for longer.

 What Summer Merino Means for You

 Merino is the ideal technical fibre choice for summer conditions-protecting you and managing your comfort levels so you can work, play and relax for longer, all while looking and feeling great.

Thanks to our friends at Icebreaker Merino for this information!

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