Every year we try to think of innovative ways to support our community, whether it's providing prizes for events, running campaigns to collect jackets for people in need, or raising money to help end and prevent homelessness in Yukon. Our community is everything to us.

Here’s a few of our ongoing efforts.

Share the Warmth

Every year for over 25 years we have been collecting warm winter coats for people in need.  To date over 3000 women, women and children are warm because of this program. How does it work?  Yukoners bring in used winter jackets to receive a discount on a new coat purchase.  We clean these coats and distribute them with the help of the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition.  Other great sponsors have included Northern Vision Development and CKRW radio.

The Home Project

We are proud to call Yukon Home.  Even for many who live Outside Yukon, our territory is still their home at heart.  Coast has created T-shirts, hoodies, toques, hats, mugs and even a select “Home Brew” coffee by Bean North Coffee to celebrate our beautiful Home called Yukon. And to help those who find themselves without a home here. Proceeds from the sale of our Home Project items go towards implementing “Safe at Home” across Yukon. To date over $25,000 has been raised.  Safe at Home is Yukon’s action plan to end and prevent homelessness. For more information, visit the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition’s website: www.yapc.ca

Team, School and Not for Profit Donations

We give hundreds of item and thousands of dollars away to support our local groups.  From sleeping bags to gift certificates, we help with silent auctions, prizes, draws and more.  Although we focus on sports, health and the environment, we are there for so many events, from our High School Graduates’ Fashion Shows to our pre-schoolers’ Christmas Concerts.  

The Messiah Complex

One effort that we are proud of is our support of the Messiah Complex, an amazing Cross Canada Opera that was created by Against the Grain Theater.  Yes, usually we stick closer to home.  And yes we are usually focused on sports, health and the environment….  But the goal of this effort was to honour and give support to Indigenous and underrepresented voices from Coast to Coast in Canada.  Plus our Yukon-born singer Diyet was invited to sing. She looked fabulous in her Made in Yukon Skookum Brand Jacket and she sounded even better as she sang in Southern Tutchone. We are proud to have played even a small part in this fabulous, iconic production.

Community Work

We are very involved with our Chambers of Commerce and we have put in countless hours to help build our North.  To this end one of the Coast Owners has been on the board of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for 10 years, bringing a Northern perspective to the 90% of all Canadians living within 100 miles of the US border.    From conservation efforts to supporting struggling artists, we work hard on a personal level to make our Yukon stronger, more fair, more creative, more wild.

Patagonia Salmon Project

Photo by Peter Mather

Coast worked closely with the Patagonia Environmental Fund to secure over $10,000 for an ongoing study of the Ibex watershed and the salmon who call it home. Kwanlin Dunn First Nation, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Yukon River Panel and the Yukon Fish & Game Association are measuring water temperatures and their effect on salmon return.

Community support is not only good business, it’s also just plain ol’ good.  Period.

We want to do good. We want to be good at what we do.