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Shailyn's 10 Favourite Trails in the Yukon

It's no secret the Yukon is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Take a journey into the lovely Shailyn Drukis's Top 10 Favourite Hikes in the territory.  Happy Hiking & Enjoy!

5 Tips for Bear Country

Here are tips for staying safe in the wilderness. You don’t need to be afraid of bears.  You do need to be respectful, informed and cautious.

Merino Wool is Great for Summer!

Merino is an ideal fibre for summer apparel in hot, dry, and humid conditions.  This is because it has evolved in nature to keep sheep alive and comfortable in all the extremes of heat, cold and we...

Are You Thinking of Running this Spring?

It was a long, snowy, cold difficult winter.  But finally, we are seeing crocuses and yes that sun is staying with us longer and longer! We are all feeling the doldrums and the stress of darkness, ...

Solace in Siurana from Rab© The Mountain People

We’ve featured this Blog from Rab because we were struck by 2 things…. That this short climbing adventure when covid restrictions eased briefly was called a “solace” and by this quote from their em...