You need a Zoleo in Yukon.  Here's Why.

You need a Zoleo in Yukon. Here's Why.

Zoleo is a satellite communicator.  This means that it does not depend on our spotty or non-existent cell service.  This means you have a text service in the bush: you can send messages to literally anywhere on Earth and you have easy, dependable location tracking and emergency services.  If you drive our winter highways, if you pilot a plane or boat, if you hike our mountains, you can count on the safety it will provide. 

Zoleo works with your phone or tablet. It transmits messages over the Iridium satellite network when you’re out of cell service and via cell or Wi-Fi when it is available. It’s designed to be used outside, where your Zoleo has a clear line of sight to satellites. It can also be used in the windshield of a vehicle, boat or airplane where it has an unobstructed sky view.

And the cool part?  On Zoleo you can have conversations, not cryptic messages! For SMS messages you have 150 characters, for emails it’s about 200 characters and for app to app you can have 900 characters of text.

App to App? The Zoleo app is free and it offers 2-way messaging, SOS, check-in, weather, location sharing and more. You can invite your contacts to download the Zoleo app.  They don’t need to own a Zoleo to message with you, just the app. 

Even when your Zoleo is turned off and another app user messages you, it will still be delivered to your phone or tablet.   When you use it standalone, without the app, you can still send check-in messages that communicate you’re OK along with your position or, if need be, you can send an SOS.  Your SOS is monitored 24/7 by GEOS, the world leader in SOS monitoring.  Although you do need to buy a service plan, the other cool part is that you can change your plan at any time using your online account.  This means that you suspend the service plan when you aren’t using it.

So, you’re out in the bush.  You can share text messages with your contacts.  You have 24/7 safety coverage, and you can easily check in to say everything is fine.  No matter where you are.  From Old Crow to Liard. From Skagway to Inuvik (when we are allowed to be there again!)

For how much? Zoleo is $269.99 plus service plan. And you can get a cradle kit for $44.99 or a Universal Mount Kit for $99.99.

Communicate from anywhere anytime.   

Need more info? Check out this in-store video or go to


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