Need Clothing or Gear for your Team or Business?

Corina and our corporate team can handle all the clothing and equipment that you might need.  They will give solid, experienced, creative advice. 

It was before internet and instant communications.  People in Dawson were having trouble getting skis for their club.  So, on a Saturday night, Corina, our corporate & team manager, and some help, took all the skis from the store, loaded them up and drove to Dawson. They set up the first ever Yukon Pop up Ski Shop! The team got their skis and all the remaining equipment was back in the store in Whitehorse for Monday morning opening.

It was a Friday afternoon.  A mining company needed boots, first aid supplies and bear protection items on their next helicopter heading out to their camp…. Which was in 2 hours.  Corina not only got everything to the ‘copter on time.  She had all the boot types and sizes exactly right.

It was the Canada Summer Games.  There had been difficulty with getting team uniforms.  When they finally showed up, they were the wrong colour.  It was the error of the printer.  Corina, working closely with the printer and her helpers, replaced all the shirts, had the owner of the company personally deliver them to the airport and air freighted them to the Games.  All in time for the Opening Ceremonies.

 “I love managing the Team and Corporate orders, the main job that I currently do,” says Corina. “I get to organize, be creative and find solutions.  I get to bring in help when I need it.  And I always get the product to the customer on time and as ordered.”

And this is true.  Coast Mountain Corporate has not missed one deadline. Even when they have had to personally pick up and drive items to their needed location. 

What can they do for you?  Got a team?  Got a business?  Corina & Co. can handle all the clothing and equipment that you might need.  They will give solid, experienced, creative advice.  Don’t know how to handle your logo?  They will come up with a solution whether it be embroidery, sublimation, etching, screen printing or having patches made. And you know you’ll get your goods.  Even if Corina has to back up her truck to your front door.

Need items for a group? Email and our corporate team will get back to you within 2 working days.

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