How to start Cross country skiing in Whitehorse

How to start Cross country skiing in Whitehorse

Cross country skiing is one of those sports that is easy to get into.  By the end of a lesson or two you should be able to slide well enough to cover some ground and enjoy the trails and the snowy countryside.  It is a sport that takes years to perfect but even those of us who haven’t put in the time can really love gliding along the trails or over the frozen lakes.

The easiest way to start is to rent some equipment and book a lesson!

Equipment rental

You can rent skis, boots and poles through the Pro Shop at the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski club. The Ski Club equipment is meant to be used on the Ski Club trails only.  It’s super convenient to rent what you need right at the foot of these world class trails. Visit their website here.

What’s at the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club?

The Ski Club is a complete facility that operates all ski season.  They are open 9-9 Monday to Friday and 9-6 on weekends.  This year the huts and the Ski club are not open for socializing, but the wax room has been set up for easy, safe physical distancing. There is a space for changing before and after you ski.  They boast over 85 kms of ski trails which range from beginner to advanced.  And yes, they have special trails so that instead of walking your dog, you can ski you dog! These trails are groomed and maintained daily for both classic and skate skiing.  During the winter they also have a small lit loop area. Ski passes are $17 for adults and $9 for Youth, students and seniors.  Children (6 & under) are free and a family of 4 or more can get a day pass for $40.  You’ll find lots more details at

How do you book lessons?

You can book lessons with Rudy at the Aurora Ski School (call 867-667-2366) or with Dan from the Performance Ski School (867-334-2015). Please visit for more information under SKI LESSONS.  The ski club also offers various youth programs, please go to PROGRAMS for more info.

Also, if you decide to buy a full cross country classic or skate ski package from Coast (skis, boots & bindings or skis, bindings & poles) we offer a discount on a lesson with Aurora Ski School to help you get to the next level!  Our small way of helping you to love the sport we love.

What do you wear?

Take a look at our Blog called “What to wear for a Yukon Winter Run” for advice on what to wear. We recommend that at first you scale things up a bit warmer then described.  After a few times out you will have a good idea of what works for you.  We suggest that you carry a small daypack with water, a snack and a place to stuff a jacket. Cross country skiing is great exercise similar to running but it is easier on your joints and provides great exercise for your arms and back!

Ski Equipment/Waxing

If you would prefer to purchase equipment, visit Coast Mountain Sports on Main Street or check out our website for gear. If you are having trouble figuring things out, you can email us for help at  or call us at 867-667-4074.

To choose your equipment you will have to decide between

  • Classic and Skate skiing
  • Waxless and Waxable skis
  • Whether you will be mainly trail skiing or exploring in the forests and on the frozen lakes

Drop in at the store or call/email us and we will discuss your options!

Do you already have ski gear and you’re not sure how to wax or maintain it?  No problem!  The Ski Club and Coast Mountain Sports offer ski services such as hot waxing, ski clean up, prep for the winter season, and minor repairs. Visit our pro- shop page for a full list of all our services here.

They both also have knowledgeable staff to help you to buy the right kick wax if your skis are waxable. Wax is available at the Ski Club Pro Shop, at our Coast Mountain Store.

So try it!  Rent some equipment, call up Rudy or Dan and soon our snowy mountains and trails will be open for you to explore. It seems intimidating but it really is a fun way to get outside and to stay fit.

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