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Great Local Gifts

We love buying local and not only because it keeps money in our community.  We love local shopping because there are so many cool, creative, useful, practical, wonderful gifts available here.  We love local because there’s no shipping, there’s no waiting and there is a real live person who will help you out with questions and problems. 

Here are some terrific local gifts that will get ooh’s and ah’s on Christmas day. We know there are lots lots more ideas, and we confess this list is Whitehorse-centric. We hope that you will add your ideas and suggestions to the comments below!

  1. Gift Cards at a favourite local restaurant

Who wouldn’t want a gift of oysters from Wayfarer in their stocking?  Who wouldn’t love a bowl of delicious, comforting pasta from Georgio’s Cuccina?  Or the classic Thai Chicken Curry Bowl from Earl’s?  A delicious gift and one that will support our restaurant industry during these difficult times! Please list more restaurants in the comments below!! (With your favourite menu item to try!)

  1. Foodies at Home

We at Coast are foodies. We plan our camping meals as carefully as any caterer plans a wedding.  We grind our own coffee beans.  And we love love love cheese. OK a little plug for us here: we have all kinds of outdoor and cabin foodie treasures from soft sided wine carafes  to watertight mini spice carriers.

Here are some of our local Foodie Treasures from other stores:

  • The Saltspring Kitchen Co Spicy Trio Collection Gift Box from Cultured Fine Cheese
  • The Twisted Gourmet Kickass Cowboy Smoky Seasoning from Wyke’s or online
  • Holiday Cheer Bean North Coffee -100% organic, fair trade, roasted here. We sell their coffee at Coast and they are available online
  • Or try the amazing Firebean Fire Roasted Coffee from Wyke’s or online
  • The Gourmet on 2nd avenue has a sweet selection of sweets! We were so happy to find the Lu Petit Écolier cookies there!
  • You’ve got to check out the Tea Wall at Rambles on Main Street, or go to their e-store!
  • Riverside Grocery has all kinds of gifts from peppers in adobo to harissa to miso. Any foodie on your list would love these ingredients for their next creation.
  1. Give Art

Yukon Art. So much of it.  And so amazing. Please drop in at Yukon Artists at Work or Arts Underground or North End Gallery or Lumel Studios or unorthodox or any of the Carefully Covid-safe Craft Fairs that are up and running!  Even if you only buy a card or a print you are giving “double” local: locally made and locally sold!!

  1. Give Warmth

We are huge supporters of SkookumBrand. They make amazing parkas, mittens and hats right in Dawson! You can order online from Skookum or you  can check out our inventory in our store (it will be online soon!). 

The oh so soft blankets and rugs at Due North Maternity (they’re not just for babies & Moms!)

The stunning fur pillows and accessories at Wild Furs Yukon

  1. Books and Maps

Real life books.  There is something about literally turning pages.  So many great reads and some amazing Yukon Writers!

There’s of course a great collection of Yukon Writers at Mac’s Fireweed but Mac’s has another adventurer’s treasure in their basement: topo maps!!  Nothing like a Topo map of your favourite part of the Yukon….

And of course, Well-Read Books. The ultimate recycling and reusing and sharing of ideas happen at used bookstores and we feel Well-read is one of the best! 

  1. Re-Gifting and Re-using

When you find gifts at stores like Love2Thrift or ChangingGear you are getting great deals, diverting waste from the landfill and promoting community.  And its so much fun to go treasure hunting!

  1. Shiny things

Winterchild in Mayo makes timeless, symbolic jewelry in gold, silver, pewter and more.

Murdoch’s always has classic jewelry and David Ashley and Cheryl Rivest create Yukon originals at Goldsmith Studio right on Main Street.  Call ahead for an appointment!

And don’t forget shiny clothes for a dark time of year!  We love the selection at BluEnvy, the beautiful new boutique situated right below our stores! We may not be able to gather for large New Year’s Parties this year, but we can still bring glitter and beauty to our small, closer to home events!

 We hope this list has inspired you to look local for cool, creative, useful, practical, wonderful gifts this season. 

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