6 Small Items to Make the Outdoors with Kids Easier

6 Small Items to Make the Outdoors with Kids Easier

As Yukoners, spending time outdoors is essential to our health and happiness. Over the years we’ve learned a couple of simple tricks and tips about adventuring with the little ones. These items have been known to prevent tears and with the true wilderness right in our backyards, they might even save lives.

  1. Neck Tubes

Neck tubes (also known as Buffs) are so much more than just a stylish neck warmer. They also make a great sun guard or can tie back uncontrollable hair. Stuff one with a jacket and you have a tiny pillow in a pinch for your sleepy one.  It can become a toque or provide instant cooling. To provide cooling: just dip in some water then rig around your neck, do a pirate fold, or put it under a ball cap. In the backcountry it can be used as a tea strainer, or in the event of an accident it can wipe tears, scrapes or even help wrap a wound. With all these useful perks, it’s easy to see why people often have a collection of them!

  1. Bear Spray and Scat belts

This is the saving lives part. We will never stop saying this: ALWAYS CARRY BEAR SPRAY. ALWAYS.  We love Scat Belts for that. The Griz has a place for your cell phone, a safe place for your keys, loops to clip items or even the belt itself into which you can shove unwanted hats and jackets.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY a safe, super easy access pouch for your bear spray.

  1. One Piece BPA-Free Plastic Spoons

For scooping lunch then digging in the mud or the sand. A simple, thick plastic spoon will provide sustenance then lots of fun as a toy for the little ones. Bring a couple just in case they are used as both at the same time.

  1. Trustworthy Carabiner Clips

It’s the end of the trail and you made it the whole way without a melt-down. Almost –you suddenly realize your little one’s favourite toy was jettisoned somewhere along the trail. A carabiner would have saved the day!  Simply clip the toy to the child carrier or your child’s pant loops or wherever you can. Be sure to get trustworthy carabiner type clips that won’t break or open.  They are only a few dollars more. These higher quality ones have different sizes and weight ratings so that you can also use them for heavier items like water bottles or packs.

  1. A Camping Mirror

You’re walking along with your child in their carrier.  Is she asleep?  Is her head lolling in the carrier or is she safely curled up. Instead of checking car mirrors, asking strangers or even worse, taking the carrier off and waking your little one, you can use your trusty camping mirror.  Tie it with some 2 mm cord to your carrier where you can reach it and voilà!  Instant eyes in the back of your head!

  1. Gummy Bears

Yes, you read that right. We love gummy bears because they will hibernate almost forever in the dark recesses of your carrier or pack. Then, when low blood sugar hits they will come in very handy. Let’s be honest they don’t really go bad. They might get chewier, maybe even dusty, but hey, we will not argue that they still serve an essential purpose no matter what condition they’re in.

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