KRR Pin Leg 5

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Collect the official KRR pin to commemorate every leg of the race.  You might want to buy a pin to give each member for the leg they ran.  A great little gift, a super memory.

Here's a description of Leg 5:

After leaving Checkpoint 5, runners will follow the shoreline of Tutshi Lake.  The lake is to the right with steep mountains very close to the road on the left.  This leg of the race consists of mostly rolling hills with lots of curves.  At about KM 14.5 there is a fairly challenging 2 KM uphill stretch, followed by a 3 KM downhill.

Proceeds from every item sold will go to the Kid's Recreation Fund Initiatives and to the RelayAll product purchased will be handed out to the individual who purchased it at the Party in the Park on Sept 10th starting at 1:00pm until 7:00pm. If you can't attend, your items will be available for pick up at Coast Mountain Sports at 309 Main Street after the race. Be sure to indicate your team name in the box provided at checkout.

Note: the pins are significantly enlarged so that you can see detail.  Each pin is a slightly different size but they are all small enough to pin to a lapel!