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Garmin Forerunner 45 Small - Black

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The Forerunner 45 personalizes how you train. Learn how your body responds to: exercise, rest and sleep. The Elevate optical heart rate monitor takes your pulse straight off your wrist, no need for a chest strap. 


  • Built-in activity modes for biking (outdoor), running (outdoor) and walking, with more activities unlockable through free the Connect app, like elliptical training, biking (indoor), running (indoor) stair stepping, yoga and more.
  • A powerful, internal antenna connects to 3 different satellite constellations, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Multiple networks, combined with satellite position caching, give you a fast connection and a strong GPS signal wherever you are.
  • Internet Live Tracking during activities.
  • V3 low-profile Elevate™ optical heart rate monitor provides reliable constant heart rate data and allows you to train without a chest strap.
  • Broadcast of your HR over ANT+.
  • VO2 max data lets you see how efficiently your body uses oxygen.
  • Incident detection: in case of accident, the unit sends a signal through your phone to your emergency contacts.
  • Assistance mode sends out a predefined message (through your phone), to you emergency contacts so they can keep an eye on you.
  • Body Battery™ mode monitors what drains your energy (exercise) and recharges your energy (rest, food, etc.), you get a better idea of how, and when to train.
  • Garmin Coach provides free, personalized training plans through Garmin Connect.
  • Stress level score monitors heart rate variability while inactive to produce a stress score, and helps guide you to reduce stress.
  • Move bar reminds you to move after being stationary for too long.
  • On board sleep tracking mode monitors total sleep hours and restful sleep.
  • Smart notifications (emails, texts, alerts and more) come in via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.
  • Automatically sync your data to a paired smartphone running the free Garmin Connect app.
  • Connects with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, from foot pods, to speed and cadence pods (not power meters or Varia lights).
  • Connect IQ support allows you to download custom watch faces.
  • Intuitive 5-button interface works with and without gloves and in all weather conditions.
  • Always-on, colour display is bright and clear in any conditions.
  • Internal memory stores up to 200 hours of activities. Garmin Connect will store all of your activity data.
  • Battery lasts up to 13 hours in GPS mode or up to 7 days in watch mode.