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Garmin Forerunner 45 Large - Lava Red

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Keep track of the time and your health with the Garmin Forerunner 45 fitness watch. The watch’s automatic goal tracking logs your progress, so you always know how your fitness plan is going. It also monitors for heart rate, steps taken, and more tell you in detail how much you’re moving. Integrated training and coaching tools allow you to achieve peak performance.
  • Goals done for you: Automatic goal setting features keep a log of your results for you
  • Log every step: Step tracking feature keeps up with all your walks and runs
  • Know how much you’re burning: Calorie tracker tells you how many you've burned to help you stick to your diet and exercise routine
  • Hears your heart: 24/7 heart rate monitoring so you always know what your beats per minute are
  • Location-aware: Built-in GPS lets you send your live location data to emergency contacts and helps you track your fitness routine
  • Keep going for kilometres: Distance tracking feature keeps a log of how far you've gone
  • Every jog is logged: Running tracker monitors your runs and stores them for you
  • Fits your fitness style: Watch monitors your performance while cycling, on the indoor track, on the treadmill, using the elliptical, doing cardio, during yoga, and on many more activities
  • Know how sound your sleep is: Sleep tracking ability lets you know how much and what kind of rest you're getting
  • Get notified with notifying anyone else: Silent alarm can discretely update you on important notifications and progress reports
  • Never miss calls or texts: Smart alerts inform you of text messages and calls
  • Battery to spare: A 2-hour charge offers seven days of battery in smart mode, and 13 hours in GPS mode, so you're not always stopping to charge your watch only 2 hours plugged-in charging time needed you’re on the go again in no time
  • Big, easy-to-see display: Full-colour 200 x 208 LCD display is bright and detailed
  • Customize the home screen: Display can show the time and whatever options you select to see
  • Never fiddle with buttons: Five easy-to-press buttons control all the watch’s functions without any hassle
  • Water resistant: Guards against incidental splashes and drips so your sweat won’t damage it during your workouts
  • Simple, smart operating system: Watch is installed with the easy-to-use Garmin operating system
  • Works with Mac and PC: Compatible with both so you’re not hunting down drivers or compatibility software
  • Sync with your smartphone: Connects to your smartphone with pre-loaded the Garmin Connect app
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready: Watch can link up with your Wi-Fi connection to synchronize data and download apps, and it can connect to a phone or tablet with Bluetooth
  • Garmin Coach 2.0: Goal setting tools and coaches are available for a customized fitness plan that suits you perfectly